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the person. they only care about their power. host: here is tyler from texas. caller: regarding boehner being the leader. he is not the leader. mcconnell is not either. teddy cruz is the one who is going to bring this thing home. , heas not been wrong yet knows the constitution better than anybody up there. he is fighting this obamacare thing. it is our last chance to move government overreach. host: why are they not being leaders in this case? night jimesday demint, ted cruz, and rafael were in dallas, and the night before they were in arkansas. the people have to rise up. we are the government, not those guys. ted is trying to help us take our country back. host: the caller brings up senator cruise speaking at a fundraiser in new hampshire -- senator ted cruise speaking at a fundraiser in new hampshire. here's what he had to say. [video clip] >> we are right now in the middle of a fight. we have the single best opportunity we have had to actually succeed in stopping obamacare. on september 30, 38 days from continuing resolution that funds the federal government expires. i have publicly pled
the people actually want. we do not need rushed legislation, social security cut. fred in texas. republican calller. federal lot from my understanding is based on public law passed by congress, rules and regulations written by the agencies, case law from the federal courts and then the executive orders written by the president. four being done, democrats are blocking everything congress does. www.regulations.gov you'll find out we a pass 6000 regulations in the past month. the attorney general in the state of oklahoma has filed suit the epathe epa because gets sued in federal court by an environmental agency, environmental group. the epa walks in and says you caught us, we capitulate. so they are making case law and the oklahoma attorney general is saying that is not legal. then you have the executive order written by the president who decides not to enforce immigration or anything else. empty-they are leaving handed is not true. we will hear from two members of the house, the first one coming up in 15 minutes. scott garrett, republican of new jersey. we will also talk with congressman alan
this issue and how homeland security chairman, congressman mike mackall of texas, he was on cbs's "face the nation." we want to play you a bit of what he said. [video clip] >> we're are on a high state of alert. we're doing everything we can to prevent this threat from ever happening. i must say this is probably one of the most specific and credible threats i have seen since nine-11. -- since 9/11. the state department's warning with respect to the arabian peninsula is significant as well . as your commentator mentioned, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is probably the biggest threat to the homeland. there is an al qaeda faction that still talks about hitting the west. their expertise is chemical explosive hitting the aviation with thes we saw underwear bomber. we are on a high state of alert. i think the administration's call to close these embassies was actually very smart. particularly with what happened in benghazi when warnings were not heeded. you mentioned the prison breaks, i find that to be very interesting as well. in iraq and pakistan and literally thousands of terrorist hav
is in freeport, texas , democrat. caller: everyday filthy rich sell 40e oil executives million gallons of gasoline and diesel to foreign companies. -- foreign countries. they buy over a million barrel of crude oil from 9/11 murderers and sell them to communist. you don't want to say a word about it. why is it you do not want to talk about energy exports? to approve the pipe as far as oklahoma so it is easy to sell to americans and harder to sell to foreigners and we should a.m. the sale of gasoline, diesel, and natural gas to foreign companies. thank you. think well, i personally exports of our access is good and healthy for our economy. they create jobs, two. i want to make sure from the keystone pipeline to that the oil transported from canada through that pipeline does stay in the united states. the reality is, it goes to i think as many as six or seven refineries from kansas, oklahoma, texas, to louisiana. doubt that the vast majority if not 100% of the gasoline will be distributed within the united states and not put on. do export diesel because we don't use the soul like europe d
, which is a year, in prison. unprecedented. maggie from texas, independent line. i am a progressive. my choice would be bernie sanders. sanders, heie stands up for the little people. can you hear me? host: go ahead. caller: he is a man of principle. he stands up for the little people. he does not represent the one percent in this country. he represents the other 99%. overwhelmingly choose bernie sanders. host: please tell me what first brought him to your attention. what is the specific thing that got him? caller: i have followed him for years. there are a few good democrats. they are still controlled by the party politics. i will take bernie sanders any day. three comments so far, a wide range of comments, about who best or present your political party. you have heard our folks talk about it this morning. tell us why and tell us who that person is. the phone lines, if you want to give us a call -- here's the latest from egypt, saying -- politics is our discussion for the first topic this morning, who better be since your political party. lakeland, florida, democrats line, hello. has --
you for having me. we are very much aware that snowden is in russia. next up is a midland, texas, independent line. i wouldfirst of all, like to say that the media coverage of just this one issue is an excellent example why our media, television, news, and our newspapers are just losing a leadership, losing viewers. but coverage is so pathetic. it has almost turned into our new pravda. it is so pathetic and a disservice. russia is trying to keep united states out of a war in syria that is based on lies, the same people that live the us into bombing iraq are the same people that are trying to lie us into this thing in syria. sellingpapers now are for pennies on the dollar. themy wants to deal with anymore. we have lost our reporters. we have lost it all, sir. host: what do you think about the cancellation of the meeting? but coverage is so pathetic -- host: what about the cancellation of the meeting? caller: the reason it has been cancelled is because our government does not have anything to add to it. they just want to go to war. any -- we cannot negotiate. we just want to contro
members of congress who went on the sunday shows yesterday. that includes texas senator ted cruz. he went on the sunday shows to double down on his longshot to de-fund obamacare. this is honest data the union. -- this is on state of the union. [video clip] need 218 republicans in the house and that will only ?appen -- you know what this fight is likely to heat up in the month of september. that is likely when the battle is engaged. i am convinced there is a new paradigm in politics that actually has washington very uncomfortable. it has politicians in both parties very uncomfortable. that new paradigm is the rise of the grassroots, the ability of grassroots activists to demand of their elected officials they do the right thing. a grassrootswe see tsunami, that is going to cause republicans and democrats to listen to the people. but it is going to take us know me -- it is going to take a tsunami. i am going to do what i can to encourage that tsunami area host: sent -- that tsunami. host: senator ted cruz on "state of the union." front page today -- i want to reach her a little bit more abo
-americans incarcerated at nearly six times the rate of whites. let's hear from richard in huntsville, texas, a democrat. caller: thank you for taking my call. all i can say it is about time. this is about time. it has been 40-50 years that this should have been done. it is said that the only thing we as americans learn from history is that we refuse to learn anything from history. if you want to look at a perfect example of this, look at the prohibition. 21st at the 18th amendment/ amendment. prohibition made millionaires out of thugs. now we are making millionaires out of thugs with the so-called war against drugs. it is about time. said forcaller whatever reason they made marijuana illegal -- if you look at the history, it is all about racism. i am white. let me get that clear. host: john, pensacola, florida. a republican. caller: hello, good morning. watcher of c-span for many years. i'm 70 years old. i have tried many times to get through. i have had no luck until today. comments, ie my would like to state that somebody doesn't do his math correct. in an article you read about 1971, it alsoin state
. that is about it. wish everybody a great day in the usa. host: all right, texas, republican caller. caller: hello, it is great talking to you. i agree with most of what people are saying on the air. obama care ishis essentially a tax bill. not havingcongress to go under the obama care? that is frightening by itself. , governmenthing is shut down? has it hurt anyone or anything? no, it is not affecting anything. the sequester, is it hurting anyone? no, not really. keep the shutdown, keep everything as is, do not start it back up. keep those people out of office, what ever it is this shut down, keep it as it is. it seems to be working. nobody is hurting. host: all right. jerry, democratic caller, your message to congress? caller tell my message to congress on the affordable health care act, people, a majority of people realize that the affordable health care act has not been fully implemented, ,et they are asking and judging trying to ask to make a judgment about how they feel on of affordable health care when it has not been implemented. they have not been given the opportunity to see the f
there involving the justice department. this is in the washington post and other papers, they're suing texas over a voter i.d. measure. justice is redoubling its efforts to challenge state voting law suing texas over its new voting i.d. measure. it's part of a growing show down over electoral rights. it's to counter a supreme court ruling that officials say threatens the voting rights of authorities. the administration will probably take legal actions in other states including north carolina where a governor signs a voter i.d. law this month. washington post there. syria is in the news. obama officials are weighing a response to the syria assault. this is the report of chemical weapon usage. there's a split on the use of force. the "washington journal" has a similar piece in the headline here says, the u.s. is weighing plans to punish assad. they say that u.s. officials who described the military options being revised at the pentagon stress that their purpose wouldn't be so much to topple the regime but to punish mr. assad. "washington journal" there. back to the college here. naoimi, good mornin
or later they are going to push the president over the line. host: let us go to hosea in kingsville, texas on the democrats line. guest: how are you doing? i want to thank washington journal. i'm against any type of strike on syria. that would be considered an act of war. it is peace that must be freely given to all people on planet earth. a great nationbe that has peace and a great force for all people to admire and x -- and respect. did you have a chance to hear anything up information that was put out by the administration yesterday? caller: i sure do. to tell you the truth. -- to tell you the truth i believe john kerry should be replaced as secretary of state. i am very saddened. host: what saddens you specifically? caller: his wanting an attack on syria. i think we should give peace a chance. i am a second generation united states marine. my son is third-generation with tree combat tours. i think we need to give peace a chance. what would jesus christ do? from oregon. next caller: i'm calling to let you know i did not agree with this. the whole anything world should be involved in it,
a slizz to $85 a visit. hesselling a pig in a poke. >> joining us from alan,texas, democrats line, good morning. caller: good morning. i'm kind of -- i'm a bit frustrated with many of the callers. i believe that we are divided much in due to the fact that many of the public or the pollists are being confused with the changing facts that the quickly-changing facts associated with the economies like the impact of the repeal of glass speegal, the tech in a logical transitions and globalization, all of this is happening so quickly and there's been such an emphasis on reading and math and science that a lot of people are being lost with their civics and economics situation, so it's difficult enough to understand what's going on and how laws are written but then when you add things like there's no pure democracy, anybody who drives on a public road is not a socialist if it's a socialist program or uses the fire department but now we have news or profit, prisons for profit. there's no more regulation on medications and fuel because of these repeals, so it's becoming more and more difficult for
dallas, texas. it is kind of hard to look at the economy positively when the leaders are passion the economy. -- are dashing the economy. i would like to add that i work for a company or basically do a job for two people. doingof companies are that. they have a small workforce and the get more profits. why would you want to hire? owner, i would probably try to do that to. as far as obamacare, how can it be affecting people so much without even being in effect? i think that is a lot of hogwash. thank you for your time. richard from washington dc, independent line. caller: thank you for taking my call. economy is the way congress and major corporations wanted to be. they repealed glass-steagall act -- which isy call an insurance subsidy. they call it obamacare to throw people off. people need to realize that congress and corporations work hand-in-hand. a want this economy to crash. wall street in the banks are doing good. did you hear how bad people are doing. -- yet you hear how bad people are doing. anything for the people of this country, there is nothing there for you. the only
military base in texas begins today. starting at 7:30 this morning we will turn our attention to the issues of port security and the economic contributions they make across the united states. the state department last weekend issued a worldwide travel threat alert. over our next half-hour we want to get your recent thoughts on this terror threat. how concerned are you? call, want to give us a for republicans, 202-585-3881. for democrats, 202-585-3880. for independents, 202-585-3882. you can also reach out to us on our social media platforms. before the start of the show it .as -- journal@c-span.org the ride out this morning are pretty much the same. this is from "the washington post," this morning. host: another right up this morning in "usa today." taking a look to some of the analysis perceptions on the, shutting down some many diplomatic facilities over a large geographical area "means that officials -- host: for our first half hour this morning we will take your thoughts on security issues in light of this recent announcement, the closing of diplomatic missions, we want to get your thou
play out across the country. on state andtion private lands in places like hash dakota and texas skyrocketed. in those states, energy permits can be approved in just a few weeks. to on federal lands, where president obama's anti-energy redtape takes over 300 days. the cost of that delay means less job creation, less economic activity, and less american energy. instead of playing politics with energy, we have a plan to jumpstart our economy with it. we want a true all of the above energy strategy because a diverse, market-based energy portfolio of nuclear, wind, solar, and other renewables means more competition and lower prices for the consumer. republicans will work to stop government policies that are driving up energy costs, preventing businesses from hiring new employees. host: that was tim scott of south carolina, talking about energy costs and the president's policies and the republican weekly address. i showed you the republican weekly address. i want to show you president obama's weekly address. he talked about steps to strengthen the housing market. here is a bit of that
, and his wife. judgment day -- you knew better. next is dave joining us from crockett, texas, good morning. caller: hello? yes, i would like to make a comment. you know, before time was ever recorded over in the middle east, then people have been fighting each other for years, thousands of years. and for the united states to think that they're going to send aid and change their way of living is complete idiocy. this government -- we have got so much wrong with our own country. ok, thank you for the call. from inside "usa today," in anticipation of the upcoming 50th anniversary of the march on washington, which will take place on august 28, the mlk memorial repair will not be finished, although work on fixing the quote does not an exact quote from dr. king will continue after the august 20 anniversary, and we will have life coverage from the ceremonies the weekend prior. and president obama, who is scheduled to deliver remarks on wednesday morning, august 28, to commemorate dr. king's remarks 50 years ago. clinical story from -- a ,"litical story from "politico hillary clinton is fielding o
of a constitutional republic. host: nick from dickson, tennessee. our democrat lines are open. texas --role falls, from marble falls, texas, good morning. my tea party cousin asked me if i did not have the money to buy what i wanted, what would i do iago i said i just would not buy it. he said that is what our government should do. i were the most wealthy person on the face of the earth, which the united states is, and i needed things and i have lots oft credit and options, i would borrow the money until i got on my feet. i think that is what we need to do. we need to get on our feet. know who belongs to -- that is american legislators exchange council, i want to know who belongs to that. i understand all republicans belong to it. i want to know if the members of the judiciary belong to it to. are you going online on their website or where are you fighting in -- where are you finding the list? caller: bill moyer did an expose. it has been around since reagan. it is a secret organization. it has anynk business in our government. i want to expose and i want to know who belongs to it. host: i think
through the end of august. tim, texas, democratic line, good morning. caller: the president and his administration of doing the prudent thing to protect american lives. the ericts go back to snowden issue and those people who are concerned about their right to privacy, they should take a moment to think about their safety concerns in this case and look at what the president has done, he is responsible for killing osama bin laden, using ground strikes to decimate al qaeda, building on the policies of the bush administration regarding torture. host: judy is next, idaho, good morning. appreciate the call. caller: i have two things to say. the first is quick and for your producers. you read almost all twitter tweets these days and hardly any e-mails. it is very hard to express a complicated idea in less than 200 characters. i wish you would pay more attention to the e-mail. host: ok. caller: to the subject at hand, i take the present threat seriously. but not as seriously as they wouldn't if these agencies had not been a exaggerating and combing length the effectiveness of their program
. more comments on our facebook page and you can weigh in. host: check is joining us from texas, independent line. caller: good morning. usual, the beyonce party [indiscernible] spending big dollars to fuel that jet, then writes a billion afghanistan to buy choppers and whatnot from russia, who was poking us in the eye. and only to find out 20% to 25% of those people in afghanistan not operate the equipment they are buying three at like the fellow said way back, [indiscernible] host: thank you for the comment. we are getting your calls and comments on the tonight show. his sixth appearance overall. he traveled yesterday to chandler, arizona. he talked about the housing industry yesterday in arizona. presidentpicture, the still on the late-night trail headline. the president sat down with jay leno on "the tonight show" following a trail blaze said by many a politician. a politicians have been trying to reach voters through late- night talk shows for more than 50 years, using techniques fired by -- pioneered by candidates as different as richard nixon and bill clinton. and as pres
-- willie from fort worth, texas, up next on our democratic line. caller: we complain about what the government does for our protection. if you want to get on a computer and by a server, sign up with all the information they need from us, this and the other marketing companies -- there is nothing being said about how they abuse our privilege to one another. i agree with what obama is doing. a program that was started for the george bush administration to protect us from the terrorists. createdthe scandal they by the republicans so they can take points from the democrats won the elections come. from twitter says what is needed is a clear personal data law. kirk is up next from pittsburgh, pennsylvania. on the democrats line -- caller: good morning. would 100% advocate for this nsa program and others like it, if only they would truly concentrate on the real terrorist. this is to belittle what occurred on 9/11 or happened at the boston marathon, but there are tens of thousands of americans that die every year. tot is due to corporate ceos pollute our rivers and streams and even our
, but they would not allow that to begin with. -- tweets and -- susie in texas, republican caller, go ahead. i was calling to say paul ryan has implemented a plan where he is going to privatize social security and give the people $500 to buy their own health care. maybe that would be better than this obama care. timenk if you get $500 one and buy healthcare and privatize social security, what about that? host: you like that idea? caller: i don't know if it is better or worse. that is what the proposal consists -- that is what the republicans have proposed. host: a democratic caller in ohio, what are your thoughts? caller: i just wanted to make a -- $120 per month. one of the prescriptions i take is a shot. it is over $3000 per month. what about limits and how can i pocket when iut-of- am making 21,000 per year? that is my gross pay. it is kind of confusing. there needs to be a clear-cut to all of this. host: we are talking about the "the on the front page of new york times." to remind you about what he reports here -- hgathered his a democratic caller. good morning. caller: the reason there ar
is go to texas and see the illegal aliens coming across the border. and anything that can stop that, i am in support of it. if you are not doing anything illegal, you do not have to worry about drone's flying around. concernivacy is not a as far as what is taken information-wise and who is being looked at? doing: if you are not anything illegal, why did you need to worry about it? the illegal aliens are destroying my state. it needs to stop. it is known as a corridor for drugs, and i do not like that. if it can stop that, i am not worried about it a bit. >host: the event we have been showing is sponsored by the physician for unmanned vehicles international. the president of the association joins us. the president joining us serves as the ceo. thank you for joining us. i suppose that is what you prefer, but talk about language first. why express it one way over another? they are called unmanned aircraft systems. that is the term that congress and the faa uses as the official as thelogy pure -- official terminology. so the key word in both of those acronyms is the word system. that is on
was getting to that problem. host: change from texas, you are up next on the republican line. caller: i have heard that a large number of people in puerto rico can qualify for ssdi. if that is the case, that seems outrageous to me. guest: what the caller is referring to is that there is a massive fraud situation with ssdi benefits in puerto rico. the fbi and other government of doctorsed a bunch who were being paid to give diagnoses that would help people collecting benefits. they are talking about benefits hall of over $100 million. this is one of the -- they are talking about benefits of over $100 million. work from a wall street journal reporter brought this to the world's attention. the response was that there was nothing out of the ordinary in puerto rico. host: the story this morning goes on to say three indicted doctors charged patients a fee for filling out government paper work. their claims medical corrections -- medical conditions did not -- medical conditions did not exist. the top-10 hit thath in the united states had the highest level of benefits were in puerto rico. amazingly,
jobs? in us go to jacqueline houston, texas on the independent line. caller: good morning. technology itself does not actually hurt our country. i think it is the lack of education about technology that hurts our country. our country is reflective on how we treat our poor. if you do not educate your poor -- of course everything is going to go down. host: thank you for your comments. on the democrats line in tampa, florida. caller: i do think technology create better jobs. have aple who already job, with technology comes a --they're looking to downsize the manpower. it does destroy jobs. host: are you in a position that requires advanced technology? caller: i was in a position that required advanced technology. they continued to downsize that department. now it might be to people when we had a team of eight people. host: are you working now? caller: no, i am not. i am unemployed. host: thank you for calling. we will talk about u.s. foreign policy and egypt later. the headline this morning -- from the region, this is "an associated press rick port -- and associated per -- this is an "as
from texas, a republican caller. >> caller: i think all these issues locked together. it seems like if you go back every time there is a new conflict we don't pay attention reality.ysical next month obamacare kicks in. the last thing they want people to do is start really understanding that they are hitting you in your wallet. we the taxpayers are paying for this crap. as the man said earlier, we are using depleted uranium that is causing irritable bowel syndrome and god knows what else it is doing to the body. useo, we don't need to military force and no more military-industrial complex. get past all this they believe this and they believe that. there's always going to be lunatics. but they want to take it away from everybody. this is about money, that is all t is about it >> host: we should ask for a declaration if we feel so strongly than trade meaning an attack on syria. there should be an international response not a u.s. response writes another viewer this morning. over to twitter, the world cannot accept the use of chemical weapons. here's the front page of "usa today." takin
the southern half. so he has already approved a pipeline going from canada to houston, texas. the issue is adding a little bit of capacity to it. number two, if you talk to the teamsters, you talk to the union officials they say look these are construction jobs. we don't view them as temporary jobs because our livelihood depends on going from construction project to can construction project. moreover it's the impact of having that production come through the u.s. i've talked to counties in nebraska that are along the original keystone line. they've been lowering taxes because of the tax revenue that's flown in. that indirectly stimulates the economy. and frankly, when the oil comes to the u.s. and it goes to houston and is refined in a u.s. factory with u.s. labor force, that does add to the economy. so that's like saying we shouldn't build a bridge or we shouldn't middle the mixing bowl at 395 because there are no permanent jobs created. there's not in that all construction jobs are temporary. but you have to look beyond that. >> laura from michigan. >> i tuned in about 5 minutes ago s
of force, and therefore it has ceded some of its power. let's go to robert now from texas on the democratic line. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. i think the perfect need to know the real reason why -- the public's need to know the real reason why is not about this america weapon, it is through the neocons trying to empower satan around the world. if he can do this he can come up with a new world order that resident bush warned about. anthony, what do you think the public needs to know before the president can take military action? this is a lot more complex than whether the syrian government cast. there is not a strong command of the american public in understanding the proxy wars that are playing out. the saudi arabians have been funding a lot of what has been going on. we trying to analyze this? died, a thousand syrians but 850, whether they were muslim brotherhood, there is no moral outrage about that. the media kept that under the wire as best as they could. took placeher event it was all over the news. there is a proxy war between turkey, saudi arabia, iran. would it help for so
. the other is john hagel, the pastor of the cornerstone church in san antonio, texas. millions around the world revere this man. founder of christians united for israel. he has stood for israel, and he's the the truth of the bible. not what reaches people's ears, bible says.what the people act so lowly love him. he is on twice a day, and he is very funny when he is speaking about the church and the home situation. expert on --as an he knows the bible inside and out, outside and out. he does not back up from what god says. that is what we want in this country because the lord says if my people, which are caught by my name, will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, i will hear from heaven, and i will heal their land. he does not make excuses or acceptances because it is politically correct. and he is a man's man, but the women love him too. he loves god, and he speaks the truth, and it is very rare today. host: all right, that is margaret in oklahoma. from page of the "washington post" host: he is the guy who came up with a way to sell a $700 billion bank bailout,
that this morning the vice president accompanied his son to houston, texas, where he is being evaluated. in 2010 he suffered what was said at the time to be a minor stroke with doctors saying he was neurologically mark -- nor logic in normal. aides say that the vice president plans to keep his appearance in scranton, pa., later this week, and c-span will be covering the president on his bus tour through scranton. in yesterday's briefing the press secretary confirmed that the heads up was given to the white house before -- before brent -- before glenn greenwald was the -- was detained on sunday. journalist glenn greenwald has publish stories about u.s. and british surveillance programs based on documents leaked by edward snowden. turning to the situation in egypt, security officials in state television said that the supreme leader of the muslim brotherhood has been detained, captured earlier today in eastern cairo, where supporters of the ought -- ousted president for holding -- the ousted president were holding a protest that was clear by security forces last wednesday. those are some of the latest
's going up. vernon from texas. independent caller. caller: good morning. i would like to comment on the aid. e shouldn't be focusing on stopping aid to the military of egypt, but rather, seizing this moment to declare moratorium on all aid, all foreign aid, excuse me, and secondly, the situation the islamic rsus religion. -- needs to be cleared up. our leadership seems to think that things can be resolved politically. when indeed, what we're experiencing is not political ctivities in the mideast but slamic enforcing their version change the world to an islamic rule throughout as opposed to how religion, organized religion of the jewish and the christian faith believe the world to be all christian. host: vernon, let me jump -- caller: the difference is the methodology that's beginning on from islamic side. host: how come? caller: well, because we need the economy in our country to be resolved, to be worked on. and i seymour stormy because i think we need to -- i say moratorium because we need to keep open to the thought of foreign aid. but we need to take care of our own doorstep
-span's video library. 50 years later, how has america changed. tony is joining us fort worth, texas. caller: good morning thanks for c-span. america has changed in the last 50 years but we're nowhere close to what dr. king of speaking of caller: i was a chaplain at the university of maryland from 1962 until 1964. i was involved in a lot of the planning. we had a vigil for the month before the march comprised of seminary students from around the country. hours, 24 hours a day. every shift had a protestant, a catholic, and a jew. it was a prayer vigil in preparation for the march. effective and many years later when i was a pastor, the rabbi said, were you in washington? so as i. "i coordinated that." host: thank you for sharing those stories. onare looking at iconic film august 28, 1963. mary from georgia. you were also here? caller: that is correct. host: why did you come to washington? caller: i have been a part of and all those persons. to the march to go on washington by thomas chapman in albany, georgia. i live here. i stayed here for 40 years. out -- i thinkst he had been an editor of
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